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Health Information 

Our herd is tested annually for CAE with all Negative as of  2021 we vaccinate yearly for CDT starting with three doses for babies 21 days apart then annually with does receiving their boosters 4 weeks prior to kidding. We have also started to dry treat does when drying off and vaccinating for Staph with Lysigin two initial does then a booster every 6 months. We use a chlorhexidine based udder wash prior to milking and fight back after. We worm based on Famancha score only not on a routine bases. WE have free choice mineral out at all times along with baking soda for the does. We feed a 16% dairy goat with Amiferm  custom mix  feed along with 12% sweet feed for ad​ded carbs. Also added Sunflower seeds, beet pulp and cracked corn  depending on time of year. Does are on free choice locally grown untreated Prairie hay along with Alfalfa or Alfalfa pellets depending on quality hay availability. We do not test for Jones or Cl as never had a problem or need to . We practice biosecurity when showing by disinfecting pens before we use them at every show . We do live breeding's with all our does at this time with hand breeding to know due dates and attend all births if possible. We do not pull kids unless we end up with bottle babies due to work and school schedules but feel this works for us with the entire herd CAE Negative and feel the kids grow better dam raised . The kids are socialized from the time they hit the ground and handled as much as possible along with early feet trimming , and on coccidia prevention with Dimethox starting at three weeks of age

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